Dear  Parents,

On Monday- We do not have school! Happy Veteran’s Day!

On Tuesday we will start Theme 3/ Week 4 of The Big Day curriculum. The curriculum will focus on ” Going Green”. We will learn about recycling and taking care of the earth. If you have any items to share for art projects… we would love that! Items we can use would be milk jugs, boxes, toilet paper rolls, bottle caps and foam packing items. Feel free to send those in on Tuesday if you have them.

The letter of the week is letter Ii. We will practice writing the letter i on Tuesday and Ii again on Thursday . There is a power point to add to the lesson. On Wednesday and Friday we will work on the number 11 .  In math, we will be working on matching numerals to quantities, ordinal numbers, sorting and counting.
This is the time of year where we start to notice colds going around. Please make sure you keep the children home for at least 24 hours if they have diarrhea , vomiting or a temperature. We do not want to share that with our friends or teachers! Keep in mind-we do have a vigorous day and if the children do not feel well they have a hard time keeping up. Thank you in advance!
** Also, Please be sure to send a sweater and water bottle daily!
We strongly encourage all of you to sign up for Basketball Buddies. This is only for Junior k students and it is free! You must turn in a permission slip soon if you have not done so already!
 The camp will be on December 4th-6 th from 2:15-3:15 on Tuesday and 2:45-3:45 on Wednesday and Thursday. This will be in the high school gym.
We will be practicing our Christmas song all month! It is called ” Baby Jesus, We love you!”On November 28th we will have the high school film team video tape our song. You will all get to watch the video and get a copy on December 19th. Please mark your calendars! This is a very important day! We will watch the older classes do the polar express parade, have cocoa, sing Christmas carols, watch our Junior kindergarten Christmas movie and finish the short day with gingerbread house decorating. It is a Linfield tradition!
Have a blessed, long weekend!
Thank you to all of our military families!

Jonna Hill & Sandie Miller