Week of January 21-25

Dear Junior Kindergarten Families:

We hope you had a great long weekend in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On Tuesday we will jump into week 2 of the Big Day curriculum. It is called “Tools we use. ” The children will become scientist and use a variety of tools. In addition, we are reviewing the letter Mm and learning about the letter Nn. In Math, We are working on problem solving, patterning and playing with shapes (geometry). It is so hard to believe that we are halfway through our school year! It has been so much fun to watch each student blossom right before our eyes! With that said, we will be adding more challenging curriculum throughout the remaining weeks. We will do reading groups using our big day curriculum books as well as the items on our lesson plan. Please read to the children daily. This is very important! Ask them questions to see if they remember what happened in the story. Feel free to read beginning books at home with the children. We will also bring a little bit of art appreciation into our lessons. We will learn about Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and a few other famous artists. We will copy a few famous paintings to save for open house. * All information is taught age appropriately. It always amazes us how artistic the young ones can be!


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Mrs.Hill and Mrs. Miller