Week of March 11-15

Dear Junior Kinder families:

We hope you had a restful weekend!

We are looking forward to another great week in Junior Kindergarten.

On Monday we will begin Lesson 7 week 2. It is called” What’s in the sky?”In Science, we will observe the sky, investigate energy, discuss clouds, planets and more!

Monday we will review the letter Tt. On Tuesday, We will learn about the letter u and Uu on Thursday!

In math, we will be working on identifying quantities without counting.

Our writing this week will be labeling pictures and completing sentences.

On Thursday, the 21st we have an indoor field trip just for our Junior Kindergarten students. We will learn about some of God’s greatest creations, exotic animals! This will be so much fun! We will get many pictures to share.

** Please practice the bible verse with your child! They get extremely frustrated when they do not know it!

** Ps. Don’t forget a clean blanket on Monday!

Thank you and have a blessed weekend!

Mrs.Hill and Mrs. Miller